Capital-'X' introduces The I Want Justice UK Tour in Glasgow Oct 3rd, 2010 

The Anti-Injustice Movement, aka The AIM, Guerrilla Republik UK, Outstanding Media and RHHF presents Capital-'X' and Jehuniko's I Want Justice Tour in the UK with AIM UK emcees Brent Lee Regan and Lyrical Agent., Guest artists Xidus Pain, beatboxer Bigg Taj and two brutal AIM Street Poets also took to the mic . This is the rawest, most brutally honest revolutionary Hip-Hop to explode onto the UK underground. If you want candy rap or weak and wavering conscious Hip-Hop then this is not for you because this collective of international underground raptivists are nothing short of revolutionaries. If you're down with intelligent lyricism, raw truth and hard-hitting beats then this is a show you can't afford to miss. People are sleeping and this performance is going to make them wake up and smell the thermite.

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