Carl Kavorkian - Uglyass Music Vols 1 & 2" & Dead Hand - "Contemplations of Aborting Damien"‏ 

Following up the collaborative project, "Contemplations of Aborting Damien", Carl Kavorkian returns with more tracks from the vaults. This time with "Uglyass Music Vol. 1". Uglyass music consists of tracks from the "Earbleeders" to the "Tainted Razorblades" era that never made it onto any official albums. Ugly because all tracks are rough mixes used for personal reference after they were recorded. Most were recorded on an old format (ADAT) where the equipment was inaccessible for a proper mix, and for others, the mix was in the hands of someone else. This album features production by Rummage, EDK, Coligreens, Masai Bey and Carl Kavorkian. Guest features include Jimmy Greek, Rummage, Masai Bey and Zesto. Now available for free at

Also check out: Contemplations of Aborting Damien and their instrumental project "Uglyass Music Vol. 2"

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