Casual (Heiroglyphics) "Tears" (Official Video) + Download 

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On May 22nd, Casual, one of the most revered lyricists from the Hieroglyphics crew, will release his latest album, He Still Think He Raw. The album, a follow up of sorts to Casual's He Think He Raw album released in 2001, will be produced entirely by DJ Fresh & The Whole Shabang, and to celebrate the announcement, Casual is excited to release the album's Aris Jerome-directed debut video, "Tears."

The song, produced by Scandle, a member of The Whole Shabang crew, opens with a soulful organ chops and a vocal sample singing, "Here I am on my job/ Trying to work/ But the tears in my eyes/ Won't let me hide the hurt." Casual plays off the somber vibe to detail hardships of trying to scrape by, whether as a rapper, drug dealer, or regular blue color worker striving to make ends meet. While the first verse skews general, Casual uses the second verse to detail the struggles between a pimp and prostitute, as he raps, "He's just checking money, cause that's a pimp's job/ She work at strip clubs, and some temp jobs/ And it hurt her feelings, cause she was raised in church/ Now, when the pimp get money, all he say is, 'Church.'"

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