Caught In Traffic (New Album) by Gigio Cordova & Josef Blo 

It's one of those stories that could only be told thanks to the unifying power of hip hop. With so much history, It's a little unclear as to where it all began. We could go back as far as the musical essence of the human being's soul, but we'll keep it simple. 

In the year 2008, bay area emcee Gigio made his way to British Columbia, Canada, to rock out on some hip hop shit with fellow Associated Fresh head, Dren Doh. Needless to say, the impression was made. The people were rocked, The Bay was felt, and the love resonated. 

Fast forward to 2011, when Gigio and AF partner in rhyme, Fluent, held a remix contest for their Grand Sunz album, "Forever Shining". BC hip hop producer, Josef Blo, entered and emerged victorious. Through mutual friends and a love for hip hop, the foundation between Gigio & Joe Blo was laid for a subsequent project. 
Fresh off the release of his instrumental joint, "The Studious EP" (Dusted Wax Kingdom), Josef began sending beats to Gigio, and in turn Gigio would send the songs back to Joe, who then traveled to Toronto to complete the album. Nine songs later, they found themselves with a completed project entitled "Caught In Traffic", referring to the constant and unpredictable motion that is life. These are stories straight from its pages. 

Golden age hip hop aficionados and new school fresh kids alike should be enthralled. A studious Josef Blo provides dusty samples within funky beats that breathe life, accompanied by lyrics with a fresh perspective on this fast-paced, ever-changing world from a seasoned Gigio. 

From the Bay to BC to Ontario, we present you with Gigio & Josef Blo's "Caught In Traffic". 
Hip Hop is real. 

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