Brwn Bflo ft Stic Man of Dead Prez - Corazon Remix @BrwnBflo (New Video) 

BRWN BFLO is shaking up the music industry. In a world of black and white, they represent for brown—storytellers of the diverse Chicano experience and the struggles of indigenous people worldwide. GIANT, JACINTO, SOMOS ONE, and BIG DAN are the perfect mix of the old school and new school and are set to change the face of contemporary hip hop music. Currently residing in Oakland, the members originate from all over California but blend effortlessly in the studio and on stage. They have performed alongside Michael Franti, Goapele, Ise Lyfe, Front Line, Blue Scholars, and Zion I among others. BRWN BFLO’s musical influence is as varied as their upbringings; they credit War, ‘Chente, NWA, and Wu-Tang Clan as sources of inspiration. These diverse influences have given way to a truly unique style of music that has angled BRWN BFLO for success on a global level, grabbing the attention of a multigenerational, multicultural audience. The group keeps their focus through deep community roots and a strong dedication to their personal testimony as block educators turned musicians. Additionally, BRWN BFLO offers Multi Workshops on violence-Prevention, Youth Organizing, Creative Writing/Visual Arts and Music Production.

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