CRDS Presents Some Faves From 2010 Volume 1 

CRDA aka Cold Rock Da Spot Presents: Some Favs. From 2010 Volume 1 download

Yo what's good faithful CRDS readers? know that even though I listen to mostly older school Hip Hop (and reggae and some other great music), I personally I think that 2010 has been a pretty good year so far and I made this compilation to celebrate that fact, I went through over 100 tracks and culled them down to 15, we have all types on here including tracks from 5 of my fave producers of all time Madlib, Oh No, Oddisee DJ Premier and Diamond D and also including a dope crew, Evil Mule (Raw Deal & ATS) from Wellington, New Zealand that need more exposure in my view...

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed compiling it and yes there will be another one later on in the year. 

1-Smiley The Ghetto Child-Hip Hop (Produced by DJ Premier) 
2-Away Team-Interior (Produced by Khrysis) 
3-J-Live-The Way That I Rhyme (Produced by J-Live)
4-Collective Efforts-I Get Down (Produced by Diamond D) 
5-M E D-Sureshot (Produced by Oh No) 
6-Oddisee ft Stik Figa-Riiight (Produced by Oddisee) 
7-The Roots ft Joanna Newsome & STS-Right On (Produced by The Roots) 
8-Epsilon Project-Inspiration (Produced by Kev Brown)
9-Raekwon, Method Man & U-God-Clap 2010 (Produced by DJ Mathematics)
10-Apollo Brown ft The Left-Real Detroit (Produced by Apollo Brown) 
11-Hezekiah ft Talib Kewli & Bahamadia-Fired Up (Produced by Hezekiah)
12-Madvillian-Papermill (Produced by Madlib)
13-Tha Grim Teachaz ft Son Doobie-I Getz (Produced by Tha Grim Teachaz)
14-Evil Mule-Take It All (Produced by Raw Deal) 
15-Chuck D-Tear Down This Wall (Produced by DSE ft DJ Pain 1)

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