Trinity (A.G., Sadat X, DJ Jab) - "20 In"‏ 

Two decades and countless classic albums into their already legendary careers, A.G. of Diggin' In The Crates (D.I.T.C.), Sadat X of Brand Nubian, and DJ Jab, owner and founder of Fat Beats Records, continue to show and prove as the super group Trinity, and step it up again with their new single, "20 In," which celebrates the group's roots and turns the mirror on today's hollow hustlers by begging the simple question: "If you have nothing to say, why are you in the game?"

The "20 In" music video, directed by Young Studios, provides perfectly adequate visuals to accompany Trinity's true-school aesthetic; an antenna-sporting television, Adidas signature shell-toe sneakers draped over-top, is bustling static before the group's three members break through. Atop DJ Jab's thumping bass, boisterous brass, and well-placed organ wails, A.G. and Sadat X throw their weight around in brazen call-and-response verses that detail the intense amount of legwork that the trio has put in the game. "You make your name a brand, do you think you can?/ Build a legacy it better be your own hands," A.G. and Sadat take turns rapping. "What's your strategy can I see your playbook?/ It has to be more than MySpace and Facebook."

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