Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz - The Flyness - Feedom Express Line Drops on August 31, 2010 ! 

There will always be music that comes, has its time, then is gone, forever lost and then there are albums that come and are meant for more. Enter Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz: Freedom Express Line. In the cluttered marketplace, that is the music industry artists struggle for attention because of over saturation. With this album the artists involved have made a refreshing style of music that has given Hip Hop a new flavor. The producing duo have crafted a Boom Bap style of production fused with reggae vibes, that give the listener an energetic uplifting feel. The project is socially conscious and carries a positive vibe that serves as an ode to the Native Tongues collective, music with a message when Hip Hop seems to need it most. Cymarshall Law proves to be a lyrical force to be reckoned with displaying a new mastery of style and effortless flow that shows his Jamaican/English Roots, the album also gives a look into exactly why Law is one of the leaders of this new class of Hip Hop MCs. With its undeniable raw feel it's remarkable how much crossover potential this LP delivers, Hip Hop purists and music lovers alike have been waiting to hop aboard the Freedom Express Line. ~ RHHF Member Tuckdragon

1. My Platform (Express Line Intro) 
2. Zion Land 
3. Believe This (No Money) 
4. The Flyness 
5. Give I Fi I Name 
6. Armagideon 
7. Door Peep 
8. Love feat. Mary Lou 
9. Don't Kill Your Brother feat. Skit Slam 
10. Come Mek We Run 
11. Where I Am 
12. A Little Way Different 
13. Almost Home

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