Damu the Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic - Hole Up (Official Video) 

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Damu the Fudgemunk and Panacea's 'Raw Poetic' release the first video from their album "Kilawatt V 1.5" which is out Feb 28th. Been waiting for this since the Colorful Storms Remix and Walk In The Park Remix both by Raw Poetic & Damu.



1. Introduction / Day By Day (ft. Raw Poetic)
2. Wonka Beat 1
3. Prosper (ft. Raw Poetic)
4. Wonka Beat 2
5. Hole Up (ft. Raw Poetic)
6. Wonka Beat 3
7. Streamline (ft. Raw Poetic)
8. Prosper (Instrumental)
9. Day By Day (Instrumental)
10 Hole Up! (Main Instrumental)
11 Streamline (Instrumental)
12 KB's Subsoniq
13 Outro

14 Day By Day (Panacea Remix by K. Murdock)
15 Prosper Instrumental (OG Demo Mix)
16 Wonka Beat 1 (OG Demo Mix)
17 Day By Day Instrumental (OG Demo Mix)

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