David Dallas "Caught In A Daze" feat. Freddie Gibbs (Download) 

New music from David Dallas off his upcoming album 'The Rose Tint' out in late April.

"Caught In A Daze" features Freddie Gibbs & is produced by Fire & Ice.

The music video for "Caught In A Daze," filmed in LA, will debut on March 29th at 12PM EST.

If you're in Austin, TX this week catch David Dallas performing this song & more at the New Zealand SXSW showcase on Wednesday, March 16th from 5PM - 8PM at West Tent Brush Square Park on E. 5th street between Trinity St & Neches Street. Free drinks provided by Spy Valley Wine.


David Dallas "Caught In A Daze" feat. Freddie Gibbs by duckdown


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