David Dallas – "The Rose Tint" Track List 

01 Start Looking Round (prod. Dan “Exile” Mawby)
02 Say No More (prod. Fire & Ice)
03 Take A Picture (prod. Fire & Ice)
04 Caught In A Daze feat. Freddie Gibbs (prod. Fire & Ice)
05 Nothing To Do (With You) feat. Pieter T (prod. Fire & Ice)
06 Life Is... (Interlude) (prod. Fire & Ice)
07 Till Tomorrow (prod. Fire & Ice)
08 Ain’t Perfect feat. Jordache (prod. Fire & Ice)
09 Sideline feat. Che Fu (prod. by Fire & Ice)
10 Dream (prod. Nick “41″ Maclaren)
11 Postcard (prod. Fire & Ice)
12 Make Up for It feat. PNC (prod. P-Money)
[Bonus] Ain't Comin Down feat. Buckshot (prod. Fire & Ice)

The Rose Tint will be out May 11th

Check out http://daviddallas.co.nz for more info & downloads

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