Ce7oN -Deadly Sins LP Special Guest K-Rino Ft Sick Since,Vendetta Kingz, Zambo, Damo, Kas Solo and more 

Executive Produced by Patrick Cevon Fernandez (Zambo beat) & LB Productions
Featuring Sick Since, Vendetta Kingz, Damo, Kas Solo, Envy, Crucifix Payne, WiLksAkE, YOYO1, Omen Ra, Critical Movement, Natural, Poetic, Perfect Hell, Dj KI and special guest K-Rino. Production by Zambo, Dj Kru, Dj KI, H8N, XPreNN & LB Productions. Cover by Mrs Vint Mentalz

Envy​ (​Omen Ra​)​ Produced by ​Zambo

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