DJ Menyu - Back to the block party (feat daniel boom) The Latino Sessions Part 1 (download) 

This mix will take you back in time and keep you on that dancefloor. DJ Menyu (pronounced Menu) is a man of many talents, a true hip hop head from the boogie down bronx. He is not only a DJ but he also beatboxes, produces, designs, is a musician, an artist and a poet. If thats not an all around full hip hop head, then i dont know what is. The only thing missing is bboying but he can probably do that as well :) The talent doesn't stop there, his wife Desiree L'amour is also a singer/songwriter. Read more about DJ Menyu after the mix and visit his soundcloud at where he'll keep you very entertained.

DJ Menyu
I learned how to DJ in 1985, when I used to sneak in my brother's room and use his boy's equipment (until my Moms caught me and beat my ass). After years of working and saving money, I bought my own equipment in 1991, and I've been spinnin' ever since. I officially started DJing with House music, but HIP HOP was always in my blood. Through positive influences, including my other brother, 90s Rapper, Puz'l (aka- Mysterme), I started producing. It's been a great experience making love to my equipment and giving birth to my songs.

Being raised by an artistic mother (my angel in Heaven), I grew a strong appreciation for poetry. As I matured from ignorance to true comprehension of the world, I began wtiting spoken word. I've performed at a few spots in the city, and I will continue pursuing this art as well.

Beatboxing has always been my specialty. From making beats to drown out garbage trucks, screaming babies and other loudass noises, to battling people for money at age ten, I've grown to accept Beatboxing as my third language. I would like to compete in Beatboxing Battles. Fuck it, why not??

I'm a member of PlaePen Productions, an organization based on muzik, art and fashion. I also play the keyboard/synthesizer for a TRIP HOP/ELECTRONICA band called Fear Called Living The band consists of myself and two extremely talented people:

Desiree L'amour (my wife) is an amazing singer/songwriter. Not only was she a lead singer for a hard rock band called Manik faze (and she won an award for "Best Female Fronted Rock Band" in NJ), but she has written over 100 songs (each in less than 15 minutes!!!! No bullshit!!). For more info on Desiree L'amour, go to her myspace

J. Kingz is the "Prince" of Trip Hop. He plays the keys, guitar, DJs, drums, sings (he was the lead singer of a hard rock band called NITCH) and can produce the shit out of a track!! For more info on J. Kingz and to hear his tracks, go to

Our 1st album, OTHER DAYS is on itunes, and a new EP for our 2nd album will be will be out next spring.

I'm also an independent DJ. I play various genres and have DJed at many locations in NYC (and a music store in Florida).

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