DMC World DJ Championships 2010 - Sunday 17th October and Monday 18th October @ KOKO, London! Promo Video 

Throughout their rich, undeniable heritage, the DMC DJ Championships have been, and still are the authority on the DJ – and all of the scratching, mixing and trend setting that has accompanied the disc jockey from humble roots to stadium status. The DMC’s annual World DJ Championship competition continually brings together the world’s brightest DJ talents, vetted by a series of gruelling global heats. By doing so, DMC continues to host one of the most entertaining and jaw dropping shows you will ever witness. 26 years of this prestigious competition later, and DMC keeps on spinning…

The hard fought UK Finals on the 15th July decided two battle worthy competitors to represent their country against the best in the world in October. Last year’s UK champ DJ Jeppa re-took the UK Finalist crown, and Deceptikut scratched his way to victory in the Battle For UK Supremacy. In order to become a DMC World Champion, both of these talented gentlemen will have to face DJs from around the world using techniques such as 
scratching and cutting to manipulate turntables and vinyl in order to create their own musical arrangements, performing live in front of an enthusiastic audience filled with both the extremely knowledgeable DMC fans and lucky newcomers being initiated to this fantastic contest.

With a few months to go, the very special line up for the nights is still yet to be announced, but DMC can reveal two choice attractions that will be definitely be appearing alongside the competition. Firstly – DJ Woody’s AV extravaganza ‘Turntables In Technicolour’ will be performed, with extra special footage of Tony Prince worked into the routine. It will be without a doubt one of the most awe inspiring and frankly impressive AV shows you will ever see. Secondly, in a slight diversion from the DJaying of the evening – DMC will host a very special UK versus France Beatbox battle – just to show that the Anglo-France rivalry still exists even in the hip hop realm…

With World Championship winners over the years including the superstar likes of the Scratch Perverts, A-Trak (Kanye West’s DJ), Q Bert, Craze and Mixmaster Mike (Beastie Boys), fame and respect could well accompany the bountiful prizes on offer. The current world champion, DJ Shiftee is not only an incredible DJ, but a Harvard graduate, adding to the rich blend of backgrounds that the DMC champs hail from.

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