Dujeous Drops Sophomore Album 'Day In Day Out' (ft. John Legend, Immortal Technique & More) 

The acclaimed New York hip-hop band Dujeous (doo-jee-us), are pleased to present their sophomore LP, Day In Day Out. With an exponentially growing buzz, coupled with album cameos that include John Legend and Sharon Jones (among others), the album is set to take Dujeous to new heights. On Day In Day Out, Dujeous beefs up their résumé as they take both their music and message a quantum leap forward. “We expanded and stepped out of the old formulas, both our own and hip-hop’s,” says Mojo, lead vocalist, of the album. “New instruments, new guests, and new topics—we really challenged ourselves musically and lyrically.” With a new-and-improved sound, a new focus, and a new album, Dujeous is ready for new eardrums, new stages, new continents and new levels of success.

01. Day In Day Out
02. Spectacular (feat. Sharon Jones)
03. Research
04. Death & Taxes
05. The Band That $#%@&_'d My Girl
06. Pro Choice (feat. John Legend)
07. Same Ol' Sh*t
08. Enough
09. The New Beer Song
10. I Witness (feat. Immortal Technique)
11. Unchanged (feat. Akir)
12. Mishap (feat. Jigsaw The Puzzler & Immortal Technique)
13. Break Bread

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