Evil Ebenezer Is... The Penguin 

Camobear Records along with Ephin and Stompdown present The Penguin EP. The Penguin EP finds Evil Ebenezer still struggling to carve his niche in a fickle industry of polished heroes born of blog over-hype with little substance. The years of struggle waning on his soul, his fake smiles used up, Evil ventures to his safe spot: the shadows. Evil lets his imagination run wild, identifying himself with the comic book villains of his youth, who led lives on the edge of the law, on the fringes of society.
The first video “Half Bird Half Man,” directed by the deranged Stuey Kubrick, is a demented re-imagining of the 1960‘s Batman villain, the Penguin, played by Burgess Meredith. A twisted criminal world is painted in “Half Bird Half Man,” a world without trust or loyalty, even among Evil’s henchmen played by sicko clowns Snak The Ripper and Merkules and a balaclava clad Caspian.

The albums tracks were all crafted by gritty Edmonton producer Nato and guest features include Snak The Ripper, Young Sin and Touch.

The Penguin EP will be available May 15th from iTunes and http://www.CamobearDigital.com.

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