Exclusive 15 Minute Clip from “An Eternal Soul” Nujabes Documentary ft. Substantial, Marcus D, Pase Rock & Steph 

“An Eternal Soul”, the documentary about the life and music of underground hip hop producer Nujabes. The film was screened at SXSW director Abe Spiegel, this video is a 15 minute clip from his movie.

For those of you who don’t know, Jun Seba, "Nujabes" was an underground Japanese hip hop producer known for his combination and use of jazz samples and Japanese instruments in his productions. He was also the owner of the label Hydeout Productions. Nujabes is considered to be one of the most original producers in hip hop.

Nujabes produced much of the music for the anime Samurai Champloo, and two of his most notable songs are probably Battlecry featuring Shing02, which was used as the theme song for the anime Samurai Champloo, and Feather featuring Cise Starr and Akin from CYNE.

The director of this work goes by the name Abe Spiegel, he was inspired to take on this project after seeing a video tribute for Nujabes. This film will act as a tribute to the late producer: chronicling his work and influences, and containing interviews with artists that Nujabes had worked with. Some names that have been dropped are: Pase Rock, Fat Jon, Shing02 and Substantial. The film’s score will be created by producer Marcus D. Spiegel has stated that he’d like to release the completed work online for free, although he is also planning to send it to film festivals.

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