FreeDome of Speech by Enki (The Anti Injustice Movement) 

Enki whose name comes from the Sumerian God of Knowledge is an underground Emcee from New Jersey. Enki's music is entertaining yet educating. This is an Emcee who wants to bring Hip-Hop back to the days when the music had a positive message in it. So through years of research and witty word play he paints a picture of the lies and injustice in the world. His message doesn't end there as he also gives solutions on how to fix these problems. Enki is a conscious minded Emcee who is trying to teach and educate the public through his music. His live performances are what set him apart from the rest. Enki brings energy to every show or performance him and Free Dome Records does. Always giving 110% of himself for the crowd and usually stepping off stage with no voice. He makes sure there is plenty of crowd participation and interaction through out his whole set. 

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