Feeling - Welfare Poets №52™ 720HD π (The Aim) 

Welfare Poets latest video off the "Warn Them" project: FEELING A Five Two Production

The Welfare Poets, the socio-political Hip Hop fusion band has been in existence since 1990. The band plays a mixture of Hip Hop with music from the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica and other islands). The group has traveled all over the planet displaying their form of cultural resistance and since 2000 released 3 independent album.

(1) Warn Them (latest album - all Hip Hop)
Features the songs Warn Them, Fed Up, Across 110th Street, Feel Something, Feeling, Free Your Mind/Free Palestine, You Don't Know and more. 

 Available on cd and download 

 (2) Rhymes For Treason (2nd band album mixing Hip Hop with Latin Jazz and rhythms from the Caribbean)
Features the songs Sak Pase, Freedom, The Media, The Light, Se Acabo, Subliminal, Bomba Sin Plena and more.

Available through Paypal, Cd and Download

(3) Project Blues - the bands first album (soulful poetry/elements of Hip Hop fused with blues, jazz and rhythms from the Caribbean)
Features the songs: Project Blues, The Bullet, Just Die, Taxation Without Representation, Divine Decree, 500 Lashes and more.
 Available through paypal Cd and Download

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