First & Last Radio playin the Hottest Up & Comin Emcees, Mixtapes & Unheard Music Hosted by "Aim Artist" Enki 

Riding off the success of the Saturday First and Last Radio Show comes the now recurring Thursday Music Edition of The First and Last Radio Show!! The Thursday show will air every Thursday from 4:30-6pm est. and will be playing joints from Up and Coming Emcees, Latest Mixtape Joints, Back Packer Throwback Segment, and some unheard tracks from Hip-Hop Heavywieghts wit your Hosts Enki and Aston Martin and guest co-host The Apprentice building on current news in Hip-Hop. Also some hot interviews in the works for upcoming shows. If any artists want a chance to be heard please submit tracks to!

First and Last Show Rotation and subject matter:
Mondays 4:30-6pm- Conspiracy Edition- Hosted by Aston Martin and Enki wit guest co-Host J Mines!!
Thursdays 4:30-6pm- Music Edition- Hosted by Enki and Aston Martin wit guest co-Host Apprentice!!
Saturdays 1:30-3pm- Original Show Hard Hitting News, Celeb Gossip, Politics, etc- Hosted by J. Mines, Nicki C, Aston Martin and Enki

This Thursday tracks from: Akir, Koncept, Grins, 1221, Sal Good, Leaf Erikson, Peseverance, Truth Now, Fred the Godson, Joell Ortiz, Cory Gunz, and many more!!!


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