Floor Royalty Crew 2013 Age Of The Royal, Zulu Nation, Bboy Chief 69,Flavor Flav, Rock Steady Crew Fabel and more 

Floor Royalty Crew 2013 Age Of The Royal VIDEO..TRU LUV FOR THE CULTURE RIGHT HERE..SUPPORT AND EMBRACE ALL ELEMENTS CAUSE THIS IS REAL HIP HOP TO DA HEART FT POPMASTER FABEL, Chief69, Flava flav Public Enemy (P.E.), UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION, Rebel Diaz AND MORE~Floor Royalty Crew Established in late 2008 FRC a HIP HOP crew but even more a group of like minded individuals who all share a strong passion for Hip Hop culture and represent the people of NYC and the WORLD who struggle everyday to express themselves..This is footage throughout the past year showing their unity and strength through the resources HIP HOP has to offer...

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