Black is Beautiful...Black is Powerful. the mixtape features an assembly of uncompromising and gifted Hip Hop artists including staHHr, Gods’illa, Kam Moye, Kil Ripkin, and Boog Brown, with production from the likes of Illastrate, Batsauce, J Haze, Joe. D, Sol Messiah, Apollo Brown and more. 

It’s been 2 years since the first FTP Movement mixtape Food, Clothes, & Shelter was released featuring popular artists like  KRS-ONE as well as Atlanta’s Hip Hop community. In contrast to the first project, the second installment of the FTP "has a razor sharp edge,” FTP’s founder Kalonji Changa. "It is a perfect marriage between independent Hip Hop and people’s politics baptized in a special blend of revolutionary fervor.” Kalonji adds. This new project is released in hopes that listeners will be inspired to find out about the freedom fighters and get involved in the community. Listeners will get a top flight Hip Hop mixtape that will also spread a message. 

Producer and engineer Amond Jackson teamed with Kalonji to produce these first two FTP mixtapes and while both are busy with many other projects, they made the time to put this together. Kalonji recently released his book titled How to Build a People’s Army while coordinating and providing leadership for the FTP Movement and Amond is immersed in other musical endeavours including sound design for film and designing recording studios. The two’s chemistry allows for the mixtape to come together seamlessly. This project shows solidarity with today’s Movement and provides some of the finest Hip Hop around. 

Next for the FTP Movement is a documentary highlighting the organizational work entitled FTP: Organizing Is The New Cool. Kalonji is producing the documentary and Amond Jackson will score the film. To keep up with all things For The People visit 

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