Ghetto Transcends Potential G.T.P Presents "Where I'm From" NY Anthem ft. Tah Phrum Duh Bush Directed by Morbius of The Sargonites 

Ghetto Transcends Potential Presents The New! New York Anthem "Where I'm From" Directed by Morbius of the Sargonites from the Debut Self Titled Album Ghetto Transcends Potential!

G.T.P. are Ron Solero (Producer/Emcee); Just A Poet (Emcee); John Mega (Emcee); DJ Booshweelz (DJ/Emcee) a melding of talent intent on returning Hip-Hop to it's former glory. After dominating open mic settings & showcase performances throughout the city, including overseas appearences, with captivating energy & showmanship; it is evident that the rest of the Hip-Hop world take heed & pay attention!!

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