Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw; The BBQ Joint Featuring Kendal Good 

Noisemaker Media and Viper Records Present The BBQ Joint by Hasan Salaam & Rugged N Raw as Mohammed Dangerfield Directed by Mark Carranceja. This Carranceja directed music video captures a backyard BBQ the way Mo Danger would do it. Carranceja continues to develop his set of aesthetics and present his videos in a unique framework that is definitively his. Hasan and Rugged join forces to produce their most compelling work to date as hip hop artists.

For more info on Hasan Salaam, please visit http://www.hasansalaamusic.com or follow him onhttp://www.facebook.com/hasansalaam

For more info on Rugged N Raw, please visit http://www.ruggednraw.com or follow him onhttp://www.twitter.com/ruggednraw, http://www.myspace.com/ruggednrawrnr andhttp://www.facebook.com/ruggednraw

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