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Few artists in the hip hop landscape have the emotional depth, versatility, and force of intellect that reside within the mind of New Jersey-bred MC Hasan Salaam. Dividing his time during his childhood to be raised by his mother in Teaneck, his father in Jersey City, and his grandmother in Camden, Hasan noticed at an early age the wide-ranging disparity that afflicted the inner city and predominantly black and brown neighborhoods. As an artist, Hasan declared that he would become a voice for the voiceless, and through his poetry and his community activism has worked to educate and uplift his people through the undeniable power and influence of hip hop music and culture. An independent artist, Hasan has achieved a level of international reverence and acclaim that is rarely afforded even the most illuminant of mainstream performers. His tireless work with underprivileged youth and his contributions to activist causes both domestically and abroad underline his genuine commitment to furthering the cause for social and economic justice. As an MC, Hasan channels the spiritual and delivers with a guttural, driving, and rapid-fire style that simultaneously provokes and enlightens; his penchant for storytelling and detail are nearly unmatched among performers in today's hip hop arena. Along with his partner in rhyme, rising phenom Rugged N Raw, Hasan formed the duo Mohammad Dangerfield; their debut collaborative album is due in early 2011. Starting in 2009, Justin followed Hasan and Rugged and captured their raucous and dynamic live shows, as well as visiting the studio to witness the creation of some of their future projects. This footage will be included in Justin's upcoming documentary "The Lost Tapes".

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