Heron Demarco Presents "Spotlights" 777: Demarco the Beast 

"Spotlights" is a track from Demarco's current project 777: Demarco the Beast. Heron produced, arranged, wrote, and played all of the instruments on this track.

Demarco, a rock/hip hop artist who plays guitar, bass, keyboards, producer and does his own drum programming. He sounds like "The Roots band on steroids” or if "Metallica went Hip Hop on us”. Those are just a few of the comments being made about Heron Demarco.

A self taught guitarist and producer Heron’s style of hip hop doesn’t contain the typical clichés fans are tired of. He’s the perfect blend of metal/rock/hip hop/soul/rnb/blues that has his fans following his every artistic move.

As an emcee he has been called brilliant, witty, humorous, introspective, and jaw dropping. As a composer he has been called incredible and has gained the attention of many guitarists and hip hop producers.

"Although I’m very serious about the art of emceeing, I’m also just as serious about my guitar playing as well as producing great songs "It’s tough because a lot of people don’t expect rappers to know anything about music, composition, and songwriting so it’s an uphill battle to gain respect”.

Heron Demarco - Way Down off his album "Mutiny" available on cdbaby

Heron Demarco also has a bi-weekly newsletter called "The 777 letter" which contains free downloads from the project 777 so stay plugged in for more.

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