Hieroglyphics - "Exciting" (Download) 

Bay-Area Supergroup Releases New Single In Conjunction With Akomplice Collaboration

With the legendary Hieroglyphics crew's West Coast Tour, presented by Marvel vs. Capcom 3 well underway and going well, the Bay-Area supergroup are releasing a new song "Exciting" in conjunction with a Hiero-inspired hooded varsity jacket from Akomplice Clothing. Taking their already popular hooded varsity jacket, Akomplice has created a unique version bearing both the Hiero and Akomplice logo. Creating the original track "Exciting" just for the occasion, the collaboration shows off the talents of what both parties do best.

This no-holds-barred track points out the flaws of other crews by showing off the lyrical word play of the legendary Hiero crew. The mix of celebratory horns and shimmering guitar riffs provide the perfect backdrop as Opio kicks things off with, "Cause I'm exciting/ Pleasurable but listening I'm only tryna tell you what your records keep on missing/ I'm only tryna help out your crew/ It really doesn’t matter cause you don’t know what your doing." The track is the Hiero crew at its best and a glimpse into what to expect in 2011.

Download Hieroglyphics' "Exciting" here:

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