Highlights from the legendary B-Boy Summit in 1999 

Highlights from the legendary B-Boy Summit in 1999 presented by No Easy Props. "Somethin' That Means Somethin'" performed by The Pharcyde for Delicious Vinyl Records.

What is the Bboy Summit?

The Bboy Summit continues to be the major trendsetter in Hip-Hop street dance, art and music lifestyle culture. Established in 1994, the Summit sprang forth-innovative ideas in Hip-Hop culture, offering a conference forum complete with competitions, performances, panels, workshops, and marketplace for new consumer friendly products marketed towards the Hip-Hop lifestyle community. Never content with success, the Bboy Summit continues its mission to bring the hottest street dance, art, and music above ground to the masses. Hailed as one of the best events in history, that unveils new, dynamic concepts in the dance, art and music of Hip-Hop influenced hybrid lifestyle culture.

The Bboy Summit was created in 1994 due to a need for a community orientated Hip-Hop Event that encompassed knowledge of the history of Hip-Hop Culture with the skills of Bboying and Bgirling (breaking or break dancing). At that point in time Bboys and Bgirls did not have their own platform in which to come together, dance and pay homage to the traditional dance of Hip-Hop. Each year the event has expanded to encompass Bboys, Bgirls, MCs, Aerosol Artists, and DJs from around the world, steadily building into what is now the foremost Hip-Hop cultural event in the world. Equally, the Summit is proud to be considered one of the most important events for Lockers, Poppers, Freestyle and House Dancers to journey too to take part in the annual Funk Fest at the Bboy Summit. The impact the Bboy Summit Event has had globally is insurmountable, most importantly contributing the transmission of Bboy Bgirl style of dance, as well as street dance in general to the new generation. Without an understanding of the roots and culture of Hip-Hop, the youth of today would not be able to expand on it, further developing the styles into futuristic trends of tomorrow.

Now in our 13th year the Bboy Summit has grown into an internationally acclaimed 3 day festival incorporating all aspects of Hip-Hop in different plateaus, from the most intense battle competitions, the rawest circles, to the most prestigious theatre performance, infamous DJ/MC Talent showcase, and live aerosol art painting, each element of Hip-Hop combining together to make the cipher complete.

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