Ignite Mindz (Ignite and Imagery)-Russian Roulette Ch. II: Betrayal- Hip Hop Mini Novel 

claudia betrayal

Ignite Mindz from Ignite and Imagery is releasing a hip hop mini novel, with perhaps a digital comic to go with it. This one is called Ignite and Imagery: "Russian Roulette Ch. II: Betrayal" He decided Chapter 2 should come first. It's about a female assassin in the Ukranian mafia who rises through the ranks and eventually loses her mind. Rated R for drug use, graphic violence, sexual situations, and strong language. This song is off their album Ignite and Imagery: Gimmick Free available now on iTunes, or Amazon but will be on the Russian Roulette mini novel/EP with chapters 1 and 3, as well as two bonus songs (one being a true story about Ignite Mindz almost getting shot at 17. The mini novel will be released Feb. 28th.

And as a bonus he wants to share his multitasking talents..Ignite playing bass guitar with his toes while playing piano with his left hand, and drums with his right hand, all at the same time while rapping his verse off Watch The Crowd, LOL Watch Video Here

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