Illegitimate Mind Disorder - Articulate 

Illegitimate Mind Disorder is an underground Hip-Hop crew from South Lebanon , consisting of producer BigFlow ( Ragheed Salameh ) , Palestinian rapper Mobin The Freedom Bullet ( Mobin Omar ) and Lebanese rapper Menace ( Najib Safieddine ). The crew was formed and inspired by the inequality that is taking over this world , along with the lies of the current and the past systems and their savage oppression on their people.

The Palestinian tragedy was one of the main motivators for the above musicians to use Hip-Hop as the voice of the voiceless , a propaganda for the outnumbering minority in this world, to enlighten the people with everything they've been missing and still are . The crew's purpose is to show the people the true meaning of Hip-Hop , Through revolutionary music and lyricism ,for it has been and is still being discriminated by many.

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