Inches by 1221 (Producer Ben Bounce & MC Jersey) 

1221’s music is written as spoken poetry over the sounds of horns, snares, vocals and guitars. With the blend of Producer, Ben Bounce from St. Louis and Lyricist, Jersey from the Garden State the diabolic hip-hop duo bring power to the underground world of Indie music. Everyday people struggle, scratch and claw their way through life for an inch. 1221’s 2009 album Inches is the soundtrack that plays throughout that fight. Each time you listen to a song, the poems essence will unfold and something new will expose itself before your eyes. The unraveling of poverty and riches- life and death- addiction and sobriety will encapsulate your mind and soul. "It’s the guy who’s willing to die who’s gonna win that inch…” proclaims Jersey in the introduction to Inches. 1221 wins that inch with this album and sets itself apart amongst their peers

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