Inflowential EP Special edition - Evolutionary Process is available now! 

Inflow's first release, The Inflow EP has been released for sale on itunes and all major digital retailers with 8 bonus tracks, most of which have never been heard before. Inflowential is based out of Raleigh, NC, includes Kooley High members Charlie Smarts, Tab-One and DJ Ill Digitz. A-Did, Bender and Kyle. With the first full length studio album soon to be released, the Special Edition should peak the curiosity of those who haven't heard Inflow yet by giving listeners just a taste of their unique sound and style. Infusing hip-hop with live instrumentation, jazzy undertones, a positive message and the unique dynamic of a human beat box, Inflowential has established itself as one of the Triangle’s premiere live hip-hop groups.

Peep Legend(Pre-Mix)

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