Iron Solomon - Monster (Review) 

After years of dominating on the battle scene, Former battler Iron Solomon sets his aim at the music scene, with his long awaited début album, Monster, the album he describes as, "the album I've always dreamed of putting out".

The album features impressive guest appearances from Talib Kweli, Isaiah & Novel plus 6 Bonus tracks featuring the likes of Jean Grae, Paul Wall & Cassidy.

One of the highlights of the album is Iron's complex rhyme schemes. Iron focuses a lot on rhyme schemes and there are times when this can break up the flow on some songs and Iron's voice in his delivery is not always convincing, but the way Iron uses rhyme schemes is very impressive and it would be hard to find better than this.

The album features a lot of synth production, it takes three different turns production wise. It starts off with hard hitting and also gospel sounds. You can hear a lot of soulful singing and gospel organs being played through most of the tracks.

My personal favourite tracks would be I'll Be Back Around which had the best beat and nicest chrous, although the kids singing at the end was a little bit cheesy. Other favourite tracks are, the opening track Almost There, Classic Girl, The Empire ft. Talib Kweli; this beat goes hard, this is a great tribute song to his home city New York. Its good to hear Talib going hard over a beat for a change too. Cold World, has a nice melody on the chorus, Iron brings a positive message from a 'Cold World'.

Least favourite tracks would be: Shotgun, Iron bringing back the old old school 'LL Cool J' esque beat was cool until the chorus started, it just didn't fit in with the rest of the song or even the
rest of the album, the song sticks out like a sore thumb.

The album takes three different turns, it starts off with hard hitting and also gospel sounding production on Almost There, Nothing To Lose, Empire. However at the middle of the album from Shotgun-15 Minutes the album takes a new turn, for the worse imo. There production style completley changes from hard beats and soulful beats to a more mainstream pop sound.

On Shotgun, bringing back the old old school LL Cool J esque production was a dope idea and could have worked. But the song is let down by a strange sounding chorus which has sounds more suited over a mainstream pop beat, it really doesn't fit in with the rest of the song. The next songs "Get On My Level" and "15 Minutes" continue this turn of the album.

After these songs the album turns back again on "Classic Girl", which has a Rock-Pop type beat, the song has a nice concept about a girl but the highlight of the song is defintely Novel's great singing on this track.

The album mellows out towards the end, Cold World has a nice soft melodic chorus and Iron brings a positive message from a Cold World.


Lyrics: 80
Production: 70
X-Factor: 60
Overall: 70/100

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