Israel Spain - Everybody Got Demons 

During the birth of his music career, Isreal Spain honed his performance skills in plays on theater stages of his high school in Franklin, Louisiana all the way to Kent State University (in Kent, Ohio) where he attended on a scholarship. Although Spain began his music career recording and releasing tracks with a group of his friends from his hometown, his undeniable talent and his relocation to Ohio inevitably dictated his future as a Solo Artist. Isreal saw this as motivation to push his songwriting skills and creativity in his own Unique Direction

With his small town Heritage and diverse list of musical influences (ranging from Mahalia Jackson, to Sam Cooke, to Nas), Isreal Spain seemingly has no choice but to tell his story in a manner that is different from his major city-raised peers. Even in sharing familiar themes, he possesses a tangibly distinctive style in conveying his messages. Upon hearing the album content, it becomes evident that there is more to his songs than simply baritione-tinged, southern articulated verses. His songs often incorporate themes of seeking truth, gratification, reality, and redemption: sometimes with conflicting moral protocol, but such themes are very inspiring and moving nonetheless. Isreal Spain humbly describes his songs as "real music from the pages of his life."..

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