JustMe - Ceremonial Master ft. Wonder Brown @illect @JustMeofSI @ScribblingIdiot 

Music video for Ceremonial Master from the album "Full Disclosure" out May 29th on ILLECT Recordings.
Beat by Jaq, Story by JustMe, Directed by Steven Mossberg. Actors: JustMe, Sheisty Khrist, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown, MC Forty, Larry Elam, David Beach, Vince, and Jake Long.

 "I love martial arts and martial arts flics! The song "Ceremonial Master" is obviously inspired by these affections. Instead of making a traditional music video, I thought it would be cool to make a short film to accompany the song. I linked up with Steven Mossberg and my Ryu Toushi family, and this is what we came up with. I hope you dig" - JustMe 

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