Jass Bianchi "Late Bloomer" Official Music Video & Do You 

People always ask, where are the ladies of hip hop? i say we are around if u look and take the time to listen to what they have to say. I don't have a bio on Jass but sometimes u don't need one because the music speaks for it self. Off Jass Bianchi's H.E.R. Album due to drop in March 2011. Her mixtape being posted soon, so stay tuned for more..real hip hop forever! Video Directed by IN UNISON Media Productions. Produced by Julia Carias of Sister Outsider Entertainment. Beat production by NNVA Productions. Sponsored by N.U.B Clothing & Fury 5ive Clothing & 10DEEP Clothing. 

Thank You To Realest Reeken, RHHF Artist, Long Time Member & friend http://www.realestmusic.com/ http://realestreeken.bandcamp.com/

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