Jay Electronica Live in London 

Jay Electronica Live in London on August 10th with a special "fuck solar" message for the crowd

Fans have been waiting since 2007 for the release of Jay Electronica's Act II and album "Abracadabra: Let There Be Light" Jay Electronica recently explained the delay on his twitter yesterday

"I've been afraid to release Act II because I feel like it's not gonna be good enough. I know the people expect so much from me"

lets hope Jay doesn't wait too long and miss out on the hype the music industry have been giving him recently. With moguls like Diddy backing him up Jay has a great opportunity to become a big name in hip hop, he just needs to get that damn album out first.

"Nas hit me up on the phone said what you waitin on? Tip hit me up with a twit said what you waitin on? Diddy hit me up with a text every hour on the dot sayin when you gonna drop that 1st nigga you takin long"

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