Jehuniko introduces The I Want Justice UK Tour in Glasgow Oct 3rd, 2010 (SDL diss) 

The Anti-Injustice Movement, aka The AIM, Guerrilla Republik UK, Outstanding Media and RHHF presents Capital-'X' and Jehuniko's I Want Justice Tour in the UK with AIM UK emcees Brent Lee Regan and Lyrical Agent., Guest artists Xidus Pain, beatboxer Bigg Taj and two brutal AIM Street Poets also took to the mic . This is the rawest, most brutally honest revolutionary Hip-Hop to explode onto the UK underground. 

Jehuniko is an original, bluesy hip-hop artist with lyrics in English and Spanish.He shares words involving his personal experiences and struggles in life. He is currently based in Houston, Texas but is of Mexican origin.

Jehuniko has played multiple performances in Mexico City, Mexicali and Tijuana, Mexico. (2005, 2006, 2008) In Costa Rica he did four promotional tours making stops at National Television shows UTV and PM Latino doing live performances and interviews and premiering a video that was shot in San Jose and Limon. (2004, 2006, 2009) He also did a European Tour opening for Delinquent Habits in 2003.

Jehuniko has also performed alongside Kemo the Blaxican (formally of Delinquent Habits). He has opened up for HR of Bad Brains, Mack 10, Ghostface Killah (Wu Tang), Black Sheep, Lupe Fiasco, De La Sol, KRS One, Raekwon, the Coup, Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Mellow Man Ace, The Psycho Realm and many others. Jehuniko is a proud member of The AIM and will hold down the struggle for justice in Mexico and Cali.

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