Jehuniko Spiritual Warfare 3 Mixtape Download 

The new mixtape was downloaded 1500 times in less than a day of being available. Jehuniko leaves for his European Tour today and has his new mixtape & 2010 album "Cold in the Hot Sun" with him. Street teams printed out posters and plastered them all over the city of each event which is not bad for an underground unsigned artist.

"I consider this my best work to date. Alot has gone on these last few months from international activity, personal drama and I pour my heart into my music. The 3rd edition of the Spiritual Warfare series, this goes hard. I was going to make this a project with absolutely no features but considering that Capital X and I are going on tour in Europe and is really looking out for me, I had to get him on there. Not to mention he spits crazy! Thanks to Ikuestion & Michael Law Thomas for looking out and helping me get this done."

Jehuniko Spiritual Warfare 3 Mixtape Download Mixed by Michael "Law" Thomas & Engineered by Omar "Ikuestion" Loya for Rejected Rhythemz

Also check out the promo video and interview below

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