June Marx (of Twin Perils)- "Trinity Site" Video 2011 from his second solo album, "Core of Vengeance" Twin Perils 

New York Hip hop duos have always shared a connection, whether it be their music influences growing up, the content and style for which they ascribe to, or past events in their youth. Lone Ninja and June Marx, who make up Twin Perils, are no different. Both Brooklyn-based, where they initially crossed paths at a Masta Killa show in 2005, Ninja and Marx focus their lyricism on various tactics of war and combat, emphasizing the demise of anyone who stands in their way. Titling their debut album Dark Alliance, Twin Perils look to hit their listeners with a demolishing one-two strike of raw lyrics mixed with hard-knocking beats."Core of Vengeance" Available on UGHHAmazon Access Hip Hop  

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