JusTice AllaH "The 144 ELiTE" (South Park Coalition) "Bullsh8" off "Justice Served" 

The powerful new video by Justice of the S.P.C. (South Park Coalition) which details the struggle to survive amidst the constant barrage of bullshit in this world. Taken from the album "Justice Served" Directed by Wraithe for Kinetik Cinematixs Featuring The South Park Coalition In FULL Effect. You Definitely Won't Wanna Miss This Musical Ballistic Missle. HardCore Banging With Substance, StoryTelling and Commentary On All of ToDay's Issues.

K-Rino started the South Park Coalition in 1987. Wanting to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston, TX. Many of the members were battling each other around the city and were at war with one another. As a whole they have released over 100 albums and 4 clique albums.

The 144 ELiTE Are Justice Allah & Ashlei Mayadia w/special guests Dope E & K-Rino. Their world is about AgreeAbles vs. DisAgreeAbles. Positive over Negative Lyrics. The MUSIC focuses more on a Spiritual Vibe. Not the Big Baller, Player, My Big House, Car, and Gold Chain Rap.

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