Kero One - Let Me Clarify off "Kinetic World" droppin June 22nd 

In Kinetic World, Kero One shows us varying rap and production styles spawning from the east and west coast, dirty south, and Asia, featuring artists such as Fashawn, Tablo of Epik high, Myk, Dumbfoundead, Othello, Dminor, and The Tones. 
Available on cd and on itunes.

1. Let Me Clarify
2. Kinetic World (feat. Fashawn) 
3. On Bended Knee (feat. Sam Ock) 
4. My Devotion 
5. Missing You 
6. Time Moves Slowly (feat. The Tones) 
7. Let's Ride 
8. Asian Kids (feat. Tablo (of Epik High), Myk & Dumbfoundead) 
9. The Fast Life (feat. Esna) 
10. We Stay Fly (feat. Othello & Dminor) 
11. Remember All That

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