Kooley High - All Day - Eastern Standard Time In Stores Now! 

Kooley High - All Day from David Hambridge on Vimeo.

Comprised of two sturdy producers (Foolery and The Sinopsis), three intelligent and witty emcees (Tab-One, Rapsody and Charlie Smarts) and one keenly crowd-aware DJ (Ill Digitz), the group works in a collective effort to maintain the ideal that talent, camraderie and a lot of hard work will take you far. Their first full-length album, Eastern Standard Time, released under M.E.C.C.A Records is a resounding exhibition of versitility and consistency. The group displays their musical evolution, a mere two years removed from the release for their debut EP, The Summer Sessions, and confirms that Kooley High is a movement that is just picking up steam.

"Kooley High combines traditional hip-hop and R&B with a modern freestyle that traverses effortlessly between not only genres, but also generations. The result is a three dimensional concontion that envelopes listeners in a sound that is as smooth as The Fugees & Common, as passionate as Mary J. Blige, & as intelligent as Hieroglyphics."

EST is in stores now, and on FatBeats.com

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