Kyle Rapps - "Rapps 101" feat. U-N-I‏ (Download) 

Listen up, students of hip-hop, because Kyle Rapps has just dropped his latest single, "Rapps 101," the third and final single from his debut, Re-Edutainment, an EP based on his personal take of Boogie Down Productions' classic record, Edutainment. While previous singles have ranged in topic from dealing with the struggles of high rent and city living ("Rent Remix") to making his self-introduction ("Me"), Kyle's new song, as ODB would say, is for the kids.

"Part of Re-Edutainment is paying attention to what the newest and freshest generation is vibing with," says Kyle, who brought on hip-hop duo U-N-I for this track. "I wanted to work and showcase with a younger group of artists that really has things on smash. U-N-I came to mind immediately. Incredible flavor on all fronts, lyrically, vocally, and fashion-wise." Kyle and U-N-I teach by example on "Rapps 101," spitting clever lines like, "I'm the shit, you smellin' me?/ My life Is-real, even though I never been to Tel Aviv." Producer extraordinaire Kev Brown, who handles production throughout the EP, provides a bouncy, neck-snapping concoction for the young guns to drop some knowledge on, as they drive home their key message: "If it don't sound like this, then it ain't rap."

Download "Rapps 101" ft. U-N-I HERE

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