Listen to ak47 spit her poetry live and speak about how she got the movement started, with host WISDOM SUPREME 

Listen to ak47 spit her poetry live and speak about how she got the Aim movement started, with host WISDOM SUPREME season 3 premier of Supreme Entertainment!

Interview Spotlight segment: We're back for season 3 of Supreme Entertainment on BTR!

This season promises to continue to showcase incredible talent while providing thought provoking commentary, credible newsworthy segments on social issues and current events, classic music segments (that our old school hip-hop fans have come to know and love) all in the cutting edge, informative snd personable style that makes Supreme Ent so unique!

This year we set things off for season 3 with our beloved Artist/Interview Spotlight segment, which has in the past showcased both old and new artists and introduced or strengthened their presence to the BTR masses! From Sun of Man, Eryk Moore, Taalam Acey, Georgia Me, Maximus Parthas, D-Black, Rock WILK, Shanelle Gabriel, Monte Smith & more have all blessed the Supreme Ent. showcase! Our segments caliber of talent is no less this time around as we have 2 incredible guests joining us for our premier.

First up is not only someone who is a hot spoken word Poet, but a passionate Activist who is head of the A.I.M. organization (the Anti-Injustice Movement) named AK47! Here what she has to say about her latest projects, how she got the A.I.M. group started, and what plans they have for the future.

Our next guest will be business entrepreneur Portia Chandler. This forward thinking individual has the vision and ambition to get behind and invest in a health product that she believes will revolutionize the way you people utilize and invest in health products! So don't miss out on what it is, and how you can become an active participant! We also have a new lineup and co-host to introduce to our listeners as well. As most of you may know Miss T. had to take a leave of absence to pursue her higher learning academic affairs! We wish her nothing but the best, support and love for that! So rejoining the Supreme Ent fam will be Poet/Author Enchantress! So stay tuned for more updates

Tune in every wed at 8pm (est.), calling all MC's, poets, artists!! call in and show us what u got and speak your mind.

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