Logic & Raze - Thinking Out Loud 

To help promote their still untitled EP project, Raze and Logic (better known as the emcee of hip-hop duo The Hollowz) have released an official music video for their single "Thinking Out Loud."

The intimate video, shot by Ku Mays, perfectly captures the essence of the Raze produced song as the emcees talk about their inner-most thoughts. Everybody has thoughts that constantly race through their mind, so this song is easily relatable to the public. The guitar and co-production of Mike Carpenter is what pushes this track over the edge of being just a "think piece" to a true composition.

Raze on Twitter - http://Twitter.com/RazeTastic
Raze on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/RazeTastic
Raze on Bandcamp - http://raze.bandcamp.com

Logic on Twitter - http://Twitter.com/TheHollowz
Logic on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TheHollowz
Logic on Bandcamp - http://thehollowz.bandcamp.com

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