Luck-One - "Listen to the Rain" (Download) 

New Leak From Luck-One’s “True Theory”

Weeks after the groundbreaking "Monotheism" video and just days after the release of his official debut album Luck is already back giving the people more of what they want. This time in the form of a free mp3 from his newest album's official tracklisting.

Listen To The Rain, featuring and produced by Tony Ozier, is a soulful jam with R&B feel where Luck steps out of his super-lyrical box to slow things down a bit with an almost spoken word approach. One part ladies joint, one part third person narrative, this seamless piece is a breezy ode to one of the most basic human ideals: hope.

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Download "Listen To The Rain" here

Check out Luck-One's other single "Sounds of my City" here, a song i've been playing a lot since i first heard it

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