Luck-One - "Monotheism" (ft. Braille & Gen.Erik) 

Luck-One hits us with a groundbreaking exploration of Religion in the progressive new music video "Monotheism", featuring Braille and Gen.Erik from Animal Farm. This cutting-edge video was directed by Kevin Hasenkopf from V1Creative. The concept for monotheism evolved from a desire to express the commonality of faith based spiritual practices, without taking away from the integral differences of each. The song appeals to the listener by highlighting the historical context of the religions and promoting solidarity and acceptance. "Monotheism" is also a very important departure from the stereotypical Hip-Hop video, as the three superb lyricists return to the art of storytelling, juxtaposing individual yet cohesive tales in a manner that is very entertaining.

Luck-One, a Muslim Hip-Hop artist from Portland, OR, enlisted the services of Braille, a Christian MC, and Gen.Erik, a Jewish MC/Producer, to complete his vision for the Terminill produced track. The three artists began making the song with the intention of promoting tolerance and religious freedom and individuality. The performers quickly realized the unity they were endorsing was even more important than initially conceived, after being repeatedly prohibited from shooting the video on the property of numerous churches, temples, and mosques.

Viewers do not need to follow a certain faith to enjoy the premise and appreciate the unity on display.

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