Miranda Writes - Say My Name mixtape available now ft. Guerrilla Republik Mighty Kalipssus 

Miranda Writes is an aspiring emcee from Central Jersey. She has been working hard to create exactly what the Hip Hop world needs. With respect for the culture, and it's art form she has been making her stamp in the music industry. She is 17, unsigned, a Universal Zulu Nation member and has created her own production company called LPD Entertainment. 

"On a mission to bring back hip hop, I've been working vigorously to master my craft. Music is a form of expression, and Hip Hop itself is its own culture. With a passion for writing, and Hip Hop there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to start Emceeing. New to the game, I've been recording and writing to better myself. My goal is to be a great Emcee, and given an opportunity where I can continue to grow, write and make a difference in the world of Hip Hop today. My songs differentiate as I strive to create a new sound and message for my audience. I do this for my love of the music, because my love of the music will never die" "LPD Entertainment is a production company that I have founded myself. LPD exhibits strength, courage, and power. Light Prevails Dark (LPD) is a testimony to anyone with a dream, because all things are possible" Miranda Writes 

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