Mona, born George Monastiriakos, is a self-proclaimed Revolutionary, political activist, Hip-Hop artist, writer and student, as well as an aspiring lawyer. He was born on September 22nd, 1992 in Montreal, Canada. George grew up in Chomedey, a district of Laval, a city just north of the island of Montreal. 

Although Mona was an excellent student in Elementary School, he was never allowed to participate in any of the school's field trips due to his behavioral problems. It was during this time of his life that he began to gain an interest in Hip-Hop, and more specifically in rapping. At 8 years old he purchased his first Hip-Hop album, Nelly's Country Grammar, and from then on Hip-Hop became an obsession to him. As a child, Mona would never stop rapping. He would listen to a song a few times & the lyrics would remain imprinted in his head forever. Mona, like many other kids from single parent households, began to look at his favorite Hip-Hop artists as father figures. His fascination with Tupac stood out the most. He began writing his own rhymes for fun at the age of 9. 

Mona continued writing lyrics & poetry throughout High-School. He was primarily known for his nonchalant attitude and his very rare attendance. It was here that he received the nickname "Mona", short for Monastiriakos, in order for others to differentiate from all the different Georges at Laval Liberty High School. He was a huge trouble maker in High-School. Between skipping classes and constantly getting suspended, his future didn't seem too bright. He thought school was a like a walk in the park. A place where he could come and go as he pleases. He dropped out halfway through his last year of Secondary 5, only to return the following year to complete his High School education. Instead of going to school he was doing and selling drugs, getting wasted with his friends, thinking of scams, buying and reselling jewelry and electronics and even resorted to stealing. He was too busy thinking about hitting "licks", as they used to call them, instead of recognizing and appreciating how lucky he actually was to be in a country filled with opportunity. He thought he was living the gangster life that some of the rappers he listened to rapped about. Only later did he realize that he was just being another arrogant, ignorant and selfish kid from the Western World. A product of the system. Another pawn on the chess board, used to reinforce and justify the "single parent household = crime" stereotype. Only later did he begin to realize that he was spoiled compared to those in the Third World. 

Things were never perfect, but his mom being unemployed for 3 years really made life increasingly difficult for his family. It was during this time that Mona began to question the financial structure. It was clear to him that the system did not work in his family's interest. "But if it doesn't work for us, then whose interest does it work in?" His mom, an educated woman, was layed off from her position and the economy wasn't prepared to accomodate her until several years later. His aunt was working hard and is still working hard, struggling to get by. His grandfather, a man in his mid 70s, was still working to help out. Even George had to work a graveyard shift for 4 months. And all this, in Canada - one of the most peaceful and most prosperous paradise's on Earth. One question led to a thousand more, and eventually he began asking himself questions about everything in the World around him. 

After taking the time to understand how the system works, George realized that it is absolutely imperative that it be reformed. And the best way to do that is through education. It was during this time that he began to gain an interest in international and domestic politics, current events, as well as conflicts and the state of Human Rights around the world. Today, he believes that the responsibility of every single citizen is to be well-educated, and to a certain extent, be well-informed. George plans on pursuing a career in Law. 

After many years of writing rhymes and rapping, Mona decided that it was finally time to step in the booth. He recorded his first song, The Awakening, with Delli Delz and Maistro in 2011. This led to another collaboration with Delli Delz in 2012, Cerebral Assault. It was in Cerebral Assault that Mona used the acronym Moving Onto Necessary Accomplishments for the first time. Mona's presence on the mic was years overdue. His lyrics are of a socio-political and conscious nature. He often uses multiple syllables and raps exceptionally fast. He has released 4 solo tracks since his collaborative efforts. These 6 songs are a compilation entitled The Beginning, and are available for download via Sendspace. Mona's debut mixtape, Moving Onto Necessary Accomplishments Volume 1, is scheduled for a fall 2013 release. 

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